Hortencia Nuhu a Tanzanian young female pursuing bachelor degree in Medicine. An activist who passionately believes in giving vulnerable adolescent girls and young women a chance to prosper in their lives. I believe in changes. Currently, I serve as the Her Voice Fund Ambassador a program which is coordinated by Global Network of Young People Living with HIV (Y-plus Network) to support Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW’s) in SRHR and HIV/AIDS prevention. I am working in HER MOVEMENT PROJECT, the platform which provides awareness, capacity building on sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence. I have been attending different workshops and volunteering in different activities in reaching the ones who are in need in terms of health, education and other social activities which are for the purpose of sustainable development. I believe in changes and always ready to put those changes into actions.



Hyasintha Ntuyeko is a Social Entrepreneur who challenged her status quo some 10 years ago. She founded Kasole Secrets company ltd, which innovate solutions to the Menstrual Health Crisis and does it in 3 ways: – 1. Through selling innovative bamboo made Glory sanitary pads where 10% of our profit is invested back to the Menstrual Education 2. We created an innovative model for education which includes boys and men and we strongly believe on our mission in improving menstrual experience for women and girls in Africa 3. We build innovative communities and partnerships where we work with local charity organizations and our customers can also purchase Glory Sanitary Napkins in bulk and donate them to our local partners. Not only will 10% of the profit we collected go towards funding for Menstrual Education, but their donation also helps the local charity that receives it. It’s a win-win!


As part of giving back, Hyasintha is running the Hedhi Salama (‘safe menstruation’) campaign, and pioneered the celebration of International Menstrual Hygiene day at the National level in Tanzania. She has managed to put menstrual hygiene as one of the key agenda in the country but also in NGOs that work direct with adolescents and women.


Towards her contribution to the well being of women /girls of her country, Hyasintha has become an icon and the most inspirational youth in Tanzania, She has received number of awards National and International. Including Trailblazer, Cherie Blaire Foundation Alumni, Mandela Washington Fellow, Women Exchange Venture, young entrepreneur of the year, Global Good Fund Fellow, Stars’ in global Sex and Reproductive health and Duke-Unicef . She was also recognized as the “QUEEN OF POWER 2016” one of the most respectable awards in Tanzania.

Masozi D. Nyirenda


Masozi David Nyirenda has more than 30 years’ experience working in public and private development organizations as an educator, manager of development programs, journalist and advocate for youth, women and children rights. Mr. Nyirenda is one of Tanzania’s renowned advocates of rights to education and skills development for children and young people.

He is currently the Coordinator of Skills Development Fund (SDF), a World Bank-funded initiative managed by Tanzania Education Authority (TEA), which promotes the expansion and quality of skills development opportunities in the country.

Mr. Nyirenda also sits in various Boards including Board of Advisory at Dar es Salaam School of Journalism Board, Progress Consulting Company Limited, and Lumo Secondary School, just to mention a few.



Noel Thomson has experienced media for the development specialist. Over 10 years of progressive experience in media and communication management roles across Tanzania. Experienced in long-term successful development and management of media and communication outputs for behavioural change-based projects of, health, climate change, women, youth engagement as well as strategically establishing and managing partnerships within and outside the media sector.

Noel is competent in developing and managing media strategies that support effective approaches to media for development. Experienced in managing and coordinating media events, campaigns, public and stakeholder engagement, communication with press and media.



Zanele Maphosa-Makombe is a social justice activist. She believes in the power of words and voice, individual and collective voices are meant to be heard, and it is important to use words to call out injustices particularly against women and girls.

She is an experienced gender and Sexual and Reproductive health and rights SRHR advisor. Over 18 years progressive experience in supporting adolescent and youth programmes, SRHR, gender, & HIV/AIDS in programme development, knowledge management, monitoring evaluation, accountability, and learning. She has contributed in the implementation of Eastern and Southern Africa Ministerial Commitment on access to Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Youth-Friendly Health Services.

She has worked with development sector partners, faith organisations, networks, young people living with HIV and AIDS, funding partners, activists, and marginalised communities
in the coalface of injustice.

marianna balampama


Marianna is a leader and a public health professional with 20 years of experience in program management, policy analysis, health systems research and stakeholder engagement. She brings an extensive professional network in the health sector and development aid community.

Marianna currently serves as a Country Director for Pact Tanzania, leading a team of 170 staff implementing an annual portfolio of over 40m USD supporting wellbeing of vulnerable children and youth, addressing malnutrition and supporting mining and renewable energy sectors. Previously, Marianna worked as a Country Director for Palladium Health Policy Plus, a global systems strengthening program focusing on sustainable financing for health. In previous roles, she successfully coordinated policy dialogue between development parters and the government. Marianna has authored several publications in the areas of prevention of HIV/AIDS and non-communicable diseases and systems’ strengthening strategies.

Marianna is a certified board director and has held Board positions in the education sector and grassroots organisations supporting vulnerable populations.

Her personal motto is “integrity, diligence, faith”.

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