Hope Centre for Children, Girls and Women in Tanzania (Hope Centre Tanzania) is a grassroots, women and youth-serving human rights organization registered as a Non-Partisan, Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization established in 2014 with registration number 000NGO/00007522. Hope Centre Tanzania was started with a vision to create a platform for adolescents and young people to actively engage them in social issues in Tanzania.


Hope Centre is inspiring for a Tanzania where young people can fully and equitable access to Reproductive Health information and services


To promote equitable access to Reproductive Health among young people in Tanzania


Our overall goal seeks to empower adolescent girls and young women and men to live quality lives with dignity, equity and opportunities to Reproductive Health (RH), gender equality and youth livelihoods.


Hope Centre Tanzania priorities are to enhance youth and women empowerment and participation in influencing favourable RH-related policies and building knowledge and skills of youth in RH issues to enable informed decision making.


Equality & Economic Empowerment, HIV & AIDS, Adolescent and Youth, Reproductive Health (RH) and Boys and Men engagement

Contacts Info

  • P.O.BOX 35976, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Survey Area, University Road, Opposite Mlimani City, SM/657/MLK
  • Tel: +255 713 294 422
  • Mail : info@hopecentre.or.tz

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